Join the Team.

Genesis Martial Arts needs help to continue running its classes well. If you are currently a Genesis student and would like to help us teach in class we have positions available for Juniors and Assistant instructors. Speak to your instructor if you can commit to helping Genesis towards maintaining excellent standards and creating future Generations of excellent students.

We are also seeking Instructors to help us expend our organisation. If you are interested in teaching for us in an area where we do not already have classes contact us. We may consider applications for grappling classes where we already have striking classes.

Applicants must be willing to teach the Genesis Syllabus if from a striking background however Grappling instructors will have more autonomy. They should also be well organised, team players, open minded and have their students wellbeing and growth at the forefront of their minds. An understanding of social media would also be of assistance.

You should be at least a second degree blackbelt in a striking Martial Art or a black belt in a grappling Martial Art. Successful applicants will be provided support and guidance and our combined years of knowledge. You will also be granted the use of Genesis branding, syllabus and procedures to assist you in running a successful class.