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A huge congratulations to our students that took part in the main kickboxing grading/s, here are the students that successfully passed.

Feedback sheets, belts and certificates will be available from your instructor in class within the next 14 days.

Student Belt Instructor Pass
1 Jack Vartiainen White Joel Hoyte Pass
2 Inka Wlodarczyk White Corey Cain Pass
3 Taya May White Matthew Jackson Pass
4 Rayven Kyle Tanales White Trevor John Pass
5 Jake Samuel White Matthew Jackson Pass
6 Gabriel Casey White Corey Cain Pass
7 Mia Thomson White Corey Cain Pass
8 Akhila Koti White Corey Cain Pass
9 Rhys Nigel Tanales White Trevor John Pass
10 Ellie Gowers White Corey Cain Pass
11 Yasmine Kerr White Corey Cain Pass
12 Sin Heng Chan White Corey Cain Pass
13 Aanchal Karnwal White Gary Jones Pass
14 Jeffrey Dunbar White Trevor John Pass
15 Demmi Kothari White Fitzroy Connor Pass
16 Samuel Pereira Figueira White Gary Jones Pass
17 Thomas Heaven White Matthew Jackson Pass
18 Khyati Thanvi White Fitzroy Connor Pass
19 Michelle Loble White Matthew Jackson Pass
20 Emma Vigolo White Corey Cain Pass
21 Lewis Shah White Fitzroy Connor Pass
22 Farooq Hussain White Gary Jones Pass
23 Thomas King White Matthew Jackson Pass
24 Aysha-Marie Palin White Fitzroy Connor Pass
25 Jake Crutch White Gary Thorne Pass
26 David Payne White Gary Jones Pass
27 Jonathon Willcock White Matthew Jackson Pass
28 Thomas Gulian White Joel Hoyte Pass
29 Louis Wright White Corey Cain Pass
30 Arkadiusz Matynia White Corey Cain Pass
31 James Johnson White Gary Thorne Pass
32 Adam Ellingworth White Matthew Jackson Pass
33 Simon Lane White Matthew Jackson Pass
34 Ishaan Barthakur Blue Corey Cain Pass
35 Josh Regan Blue Mark Nichols Pass
36 Ruby Dixon Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
37 Cyril Cyale Albania Blue Trevor John Pass
38 Alice Miles Blue Gary Jones Pass
39 Isobel North Blue Gary Jones Pass
40 Evie Emery Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
41 Nathaniel Gyasi Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
42 Poppy Priest Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
43 Lucas Regan Blue Mark Nichols Pass
44 Hali Bayliss Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
45 Jayden Fraser Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
46 Sophie Elwahsh Blue Trevor John Pass
47 Isla Wicks Blue Corey Cain Pass
48 Amelia Thomas Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
49 Melanie Davis Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
50 Rashaad-Malique Derby Blue Corey Cain Pass
51 Rhea Benawra Blue Fitzroy Connor Pass
52 Charlotte Chapman Blue Corey Cain Pass
53 Waynelan Skantharajah Blue Gary Jones Pass
54 Saihaj Gill Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
55 Kam Kooner Blue Fitzroy Connor Pass
56 Ari Vartiainen Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
57 Nicholas Richardson Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
58 Amira Ahmed Orange Joel Hoyte Pass
59 Eerik Sprenk Orange Trevor John Pass
60 Kamran Khan Orange Corey Cain Pass
61 Charlie Newlands Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
62 Anthony Ekundayo Orange Joel Hoyte Pass
63 Shaq Mccalmon Orange Gary Thorne Pass
64 Ridley Charles Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
65 Eesa Shah Orange Joel Hoyte Pass
66 James Mcdermott Orange Corey Cain Pass
67 Alicia Wengler Orange Corey Cain Pass
68 Sydony Greenwood Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
69 Noor Guerchali Elbou Orange Trevor John Pass
70 Zain Azhar Orange Corey Cain Pass
71 Carmel Patch Orange Corey Cain Pass
72 Chris Morris Orange Corey Cain Pass
73 Stuart Collins Orange Gary Thorne Pass
74 Dhuvaragan Sivakumar Green Corey Cain Pass
75 Harry Windsor Green Matthew Jackson Pass
76 Joe Legerton Green Joel Hoyte Pass
77 Robert Morris Green Corey Cain Pass
78 Stephanie Sutton Green Corey Cain Pass
79 Andrzej Skocz Green Fitzroy Connor Pass
80 Mark Busby Green Corey Cain Pass
81 Joe Johnston Purple Matthew Jackson Pass
82 Ismaeel Ali Purple Corey Cain Pass
83 Naqash Iqbal Purple Corey Cain Pass
84 Ryan Gallagher Purple Matthew Jackson Pass
85 Katalina Thoms Brown Corey Cain Pass
86 Armid Akram Brown Matthew Jackson Pass
87 Stuart Clarke Brown Corey Cain Pass