Well done to everyone that took part in the main kickboxing grading today.  Also, thank you so much to the helpers and instructors that gave up their time to aid us run it.  Below is a list of all the students that passed.  Your instructor will present you with you new belt and certificate this coming week and feedback will be emailed directly to you.

Student Belt Instructor Pass
1 Barney Barker White Joel Hoyte Pass
2 Iyla Ganatra White Matthew Jackson Pass
3 Edward Mruk White Fitzroy Connor Pass
4 Hajra Rashid White Corey Cain Pass
5 Kyan Yeates White Trevor John Pass
6 Jahanzeb Ali White Fitzroy Connor Pass
7 Haaris Mirza White Fitzroy Connor Pass
8 Ibrahim Umari White Joel Hoyte Pass
9 Jai Nursey White Joel Hoyte Pass
10 Sharon Tawana White Fitzroy Connor Pass
11 Balazs Voros White Matthew Jackson Pass
12 Banita Ranow White Matthew Jackson Pass
13 Leo Mehdi White Matthew Jackson Pass
14 Tyrell Gardner White Matthew Jackson Pass
15 Balraj Ranow White Matthew Jackson Pass
16 Nathan Malik White Matthew Jackson Pass
17 Vincent O’Hara White Matthew Jackson Pass
18 Ayden Mudhar Blue Corey Cain Pass
19 Chloe Dickson Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
20 Adam Nastaszyc Blue Corey Cain Pass
21 Youssef El Kordie Blue Corey Cain Pass
22 Finlay Leach Blue Corey Cain Pass
23 Gabriella Forde Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
24 Aryaa Gupta Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
25 Kyah Kooner Blue Fitzroy Connor Pass
26 Stephany Alissa Hancu Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
27 Diya Shangari Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
28 Seven Henry-Ames Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
29 Ethan Malejki-Morris Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
30 Minahil Zeeshan Blue Corey Cain Pass
31 Aisha Ahmed Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
32 Dhriti Reddy Maddi Blue Corey Cain Pass
33 Theo Tufft Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
34 Arjun Tewari Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
35 Aleena Elias Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
36 Isaac Timpson Blue Corey Cain Pass
37 Aset Hogan-Hackshaw Blue Corey Cain Pass
38 Sarah Hussain Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
39 Eshwar Tewari Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
40 Olivia Inyang Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
41 Peter Berron Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
42 Thomas Nesbit Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
43 Aditya Agrawal Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
44 Umar Abbasi Blue Corey Cain Pass
45 Andrea Cristinziano Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
46 Yasmina Kharbouch Blue Corey Cain Pass
47 Adam Berron Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
48 Armaan Bagar Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
49 Tamiah Edwards Orange Fitzroy Connor Pass
50 Emily Krupski Orange Corey Cain Pass
51 Phoenix Preece Orange Corey Cain Pass
52 Pragna Aavula Orange Corey Cain Pass
53 Juyrel Hector Orange Corey Cain Pass
54 Bodie Armitage Orange Joel Hoyte Pass
55 Laasya Aavula Orange Corey Cain Pass
56 Ayrton Miller Orange Corey Cain Pass
57 Avani Smith Orange Joel Hoyte Pass
58 Kleo Cain Orange Corey Cain Pass
59 Blake Clarke Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
60 Poppy Austen Orange Joel Hoyte Pass
61 Ben Caldow Orange Corey Cain Pass
62 Jenson Nursey Orange Joel Hoyte Pass
63 Rithika Yerroju Orange Corey Cain Pass
64 Kalan Chahil Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
65 Toshani Mishra Orange Corey Cain Pass
66 Michael Pryor Orange Joel Hoyte Pass
67 Matthew Taylor Orange Joel Hoyte Pass
68 Robin Boichat Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
69 Moses Kamara Orange Corey Cain Pass
70 James Vickery Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
71 Rayyan Ahmed Orange Joel Hoyte Pass
72 Eimear Lande Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
73 Blue Hester Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
74 Owais Sakender Orange Joel Hoyte Pass
75 Muhammad-Ali Ghafar Green Matthew Jackson Pass
76 Markel Jackson Green Matthew Jackson Pass
77 Eva Parmar Green Matthew Jackson Pass
78 Noah Sylvester Green Corey Cain Pass
79 Ameliyah Rahim Green Matthew Jackson Pass
80 Taylor Williams Green Corey Cain Pass
81 Starr Henry-Ames Green Matthew Jackson Pass
82 Oscar Davies Green Corey Cain Pass
83 Felicity Challenor Purple Corey Cain Pass
84 Ra-el Reece Purple Corey Cain Pass
85 Joel Cheshire Purple Corey Cain Pass
86 Dafydd Belshaw Purple Corey Cain Pass
87 Gracie Holdcroft Purple Joel Hoyte Pass
88 Thomas Heaven Purple Matthew Jackson Pass
89 Michael Hill Brown Corey Cain Pass
90 Lucca Belshaw Brown Corey Cain Pass