The Cimac Superleague Children’s UK Open is on Sunday 2nd September at Wycombe Leisure Centre Handy Cross High Wycombe.

This is a points and light continuous based competition and is being held in High Wycombe so is ideal for Genesis students to attend.  There are categories for beginners and advanced students aged 5 – 16 year olds.

Students wishing to attend please speak to you Instructor to ensure they will be in attendance to coach you, that they feel you are ready to compete and that have the correct equipment.  Your instructor will also be able to guide you on which category you should enter and will work with you in preparation.

Once you have agreed with your instructor that you will be competing please pre-register here by Friday 31st August.

1st Category £18.00 – Additional Categories £16.00 – Spectators £8.00

Registration is also available on the day.

1st Category £20.00 – Additional Categories £16.00 – Spectators £8.00

This is not a Genesis Martial Arts run event so all payment should go directly to Cimac on the day.  If you have any further queries check out this link and speak to your instructor.  Doors open at 9am with fighting starting at 11am.  Be advised the event is unlikely to close before 6pm.