Genesis Covid Plan

  1. We will practice social distancing in all classes ensuring all students stay in marked areas.
  2. No Contact activity permitted e.g. sparring/pad work/grappling other than between family members.
  3. No equipment is to be used or shared.
  4. All of our instructors will ensure students sanitise their hands at before each class.
  5. Students will be required to enter and exit classes through a separate door to avoid congestion.
  6. There is to be a 15-minute gap between the end of one class and the start of another.
  7. Please do not wait to talk to the instructor at the end of a class. Please email or telephone them.
  8. Any students suffering from any cold or flu like symptoms will not be permitted to train/teach.
  9. We request that all students carry hand sanitizer in their bags and use it regularly
  10. If student are prone to sweating profusely, please ensure you bring a towel to class to wipe yourself down regularly during class. Also ensure you have a spare T shirt to change into if their current one is sweat laden.
  11. If a student or member of their household has tested positive for covid 19 or has symptoms please notify Genesis immediately via email.
  12. Registers to be used to track students class attendance and also to inform any class members if a previous class member has been diagnosed as covid positive after being tested
  13. If you are shielding or members of your household are, we advise that you do not train.
  14. Only parents of Dragons (5-8 year olds) will be allowed to remain in halls during training. Please wear a mask at all times and remain seated at all times at a social distance from other parents.